Thursday, October 10, 2013

Official Playtesting Results!

Today in class, we were given the opportunity to playtest Shipwrecked! among three different groups of new testers, or testers completely unfamiliar to the game experiencing it for the first time. Some of the questions we sought to answer in testing our card game were: What could we change? What did testers like the most? What would testers prefer the game to do differently? And perhaps the most important question specifically pertaining to our game: Did testers feel our game was balanced? Needless to say, I think we were all pleased with the results of our test run-throughs today.

After three test plays, the overall impressions of our game were almost unanimously positive. Players lauded the witty and often funny encounters, praised the wide array of items, and especially were enamored with the treasure chest of rations! As far as suggestions on what we could do different, players had almost nothing but praise for the actual mechanics of the game, with most suggestions pertaining only to the presentation of the cards and layout of the game. One glaringly absent element of our game were the physical tokens representing the boat pieces. As much as players loved the tokens denoting the rations, players often asked why we didn't have a physical boat piece to give them.

That said, hearing praises such as, "Your game was the most fun so far!", "Your game is one I could definitely see myself playing!", and "I like your game even more than ours!", I know I speak for my entire group when I say we're extremely proud with how far Shipwrecked! has progressed. Hearing and actually seeing players appreciate your efforts, especially players who have made similar efforts to create fun games themselves, truly was rewarding today, and I look forward to next week when we're able to present our finished product!