Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Reflection Upon Week 1: Our Groundwork

So, with a full week in the bag since the inception of Shipwrecked!, the main questions on your mind are most likely: what on earth is Shipwrecked! and what do you have to show so far? Shipwrecked!, the brainchild of Paul Munnelley, Alex Kitchen, and Chris Pantuso, is a survival-based card game pitting players against not only each other, but also against the natural dangers of the deadly, tropical wilderness.

In developing the basic idea behind our game, we wanted to make sure we met some of the "Player Experience Goals" discussed in class last Thursday. Through our fast-paced, quick-thinking game, we've made our best efforts to create the basis for a game in which a sole survivor is crowned through a series of well thought out decisions.

In Shipwrecked!, players take on the roles of survivors stranded on a mysterious island. Forced to scavenge items as the game progresses, the survivors must overcome obstacles that present themselves not only to each individual player, but at times to the whole island. Through a clever balance of trust and deceit, survivors may band together to form alliances or turn against each other, all in an effort to vie for the coveted escape from Shipwreck Island.

The catch?

There's only room for one.